Monday, February 17, 2014

February 17, 2014 Aleica's email and pics

Hey Momma!
Thanks for the nail thingy! I am going to read that later and try and figure it out! Should be really cool! :) This week has been a whole lot of washing clothes!!! We finally had a few days of sunshine, which means it is time to take out the crazy load of dirty clothes and wash it all!!! And help out all the investigaters who are doing the same! I now have clean blankets, jeans, skirts, shirts, socks, jackets, and sheets, and towels, and so on!!!! lol! ALL washed by hand! You get some muscles doing all that you know! My companion just got some amazing news from her family. Her bishop wrote her a two lined email saying that one of her sisters has been sealed in the temple, and her other sister just got married! Both in this past week right here in Cochabamba! And she had no idea! Hard, and incredible both at the same time for her. I am truly pleased with my companion. She is ready to take on the reighns here in Villa Luz. It is highly likely that I am headed off to some other part... As I have been in my area so very long. And I am sort of a mix of emotions about that... Anyway, the transfer is coming up this Sunday! They are going to call us up, and let us know where we are going! Hope I can train again! And it would be awesome to go to Sucre. But the Lord knows what he is doing with each and every transfer, companion, and area. I have truly come to see that with each of my companions! I love them all! And have learned so much from each of these amazing women! Anyway, I am finally getting better... Still coughing a bit... but doing good... Anyway, I love you so very much!
Heres a quote from my study journal!
¨Anything inspired of God, will never grow old. You can always learn something new. The trick is staying humble enough to see it.¨
Love forever and ever and always!
Hermana Alford

Study Journal 17 of September 2013
What is my goal here on my mission?
I want to push  myself every day to be and do better and to become more and more like my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I hope to have a more sure knowledge of the scriptures as well as to have greater Faith in God. I wish to learn to pray with all my Heart and Soul... And know that that which I pray for is the will of God. I want my will and His to become the same... And more than anything, I hope to look back on my mission one day; content in the knowledge that I did all that the Lord would have me do, and that I can use what I learn in this time for all my life.

Hey dad! You know, you are ingredible! I love you so very much and am so glad you were able to write me! Love the metaphors... I will definitely be studying a bit more closely all of that! We have been having an incredible week. We had our first investigater of the transfer actually make it to church! We were so very pleased! We gave talks in church yesterday.. I read parts of Alma ch 38 I think it was... and spoke of how we cant allow ourselves to become lazy in the things of God. We have been able to see changes in the people... we are on our way to rescewing a few more less actives and setting dates for baptisms. We are praying so very hard that nothing gets in their way... Or that if something happens, it strengthens them.. and doesnt make them fall... I love you so very much!

Journal Entry November 19 2013
Faith... What does it mean? I have heard, read, and used this 5 lettered word many times through out my life... But the question remains in my  mind, ¨what is faith?¨ And how do I USE it? I want to help my faith GROW, to the point where I can use it just like the prophets have before me, or other missionaries and saints of the Lord....
I am overthinking things... When it really is quite simple!
A Small And Simple Thing!
For a seed to grow... it requires certain nutrition...
1. Earth... This is needed constantly, it blankets the seed in warmth and gives it the ¨food¨ to grow! PRAYER!
2. Sun... THis is also an every day thing... Shedding light upon the seed and allowing it to grow. Light is knowledge. SCRIPTURES!
3. Water... This is only needed on a once in a while basis, but vital to the seed just as well! CHURCH!!!
The way of Christ is not difficult or complicated.. But often we manage to complicate even the most simplest of simples! lol!
Love you dad! Hope you have a fabulous week! Keep being incredible!
Hma Alford

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