Monday, January 6, 2014

Hermana Alford's advice to future Bolivian sister missionaries.

Okay, so this is the first time (if I remember correctly) that I will be directly addressing this blog... and all the people it reaches. The truth is, I didnt realize how many people would be affected by this thing! lol! But I am so excited that it is helping so many people out... especially those who are preparing to go out on their mission. I am hearing all kinds of people down here tell me that they loved the blog, that it helped them a lot, or that their moms have found it, or a few people who write me asking for tips... and so I thought I would go ahead and send a few tips directly to yall!

Here they are! Hope they help:

As for shoes: Well, I love clarks to be honest. They are so comfortable and last a good long while. I brought three pairs, (two for every day, and one a little bit prettier for sundays) and they are all doing great. A bit beat up in the front.. cuz I tend to trip alot on the rocks.. but they have lived through quite the beating! lol! Just dont forget to bring a ton of socks too.. because they die fast and the ones here are a bit choppy... Meaning they break easy, sorry, the slang here has totally stuck! lol! There are a ton of cool comfy socks here for tennis... and REALLY cheap.. but the half things almost dont exist. And the ones they have break with in a few days!

As for other tips? Its a good idea to look for clothes here if you can. Every thing is ridiculously cheap.

Also, read the book of mormon in spanish now! I have had the easyest time of learning the language here, because I have taken literally the promise made by the prophets. I dont remember who it was, but one of the many said that if we read the Book of Mormon in another language.. we will learn said language. I have picked it up so easily, its almost like I havent done a thing. It doesnt matter if you like it, if you understand, or if you think its working. Read verse for verse English and Spanish.. and I promise you you will see the fruits of your work. lol!

Oh, and by the way.. this is a mission that tries you. that pushes you to the limit... and makes you the person you are truly meant to be. I have seen miracles.. I have seen trials... and I have no regrets. When you come here.. come with the determination to do your best. Dont come with half your heart in your home... Put it all out on the table! Leave all youve got in the streets of Bolivia! Tell yourself every day, ¨tomorrow, I will do a little bit more¨ so that when the day comes to go back home.. You wont leave with a heart full of sorrow and regret. Do it and do it well... and see the blessings that fall into place! I think it was President Hinkley who said, ¨courage is that little small voice at the end of the day, that says ´ill try again tomorrow´¨ well, I try and do exactly that... Tomorrow, I will do a bit more... This is the best we can get Elders and sisters... the most we can do...We do all we can, and then we allow the lord to pick up the rest.

I love you all, I hope all can find something they need from this blog... excitement, information, comfort, advice, or whatever it might be... I just hope it continues to help!

Hermana Alford

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