Monday, January 6, 2014

Jan 6, 2014 Alecia's emails home

My email from Aleica: edited a little:

Okay! SO... this week has been nutty! And way busy! Turns out, here they have a tradition of eating twelve grapes at 12:00 midnight on New Years... We ate a great meal with our pensionista, and we went home to wait the new year!! It was fun! Anyway, the best story of the week is that we found a house that is literally overflowing with people ready to hear the gospel! Or more like they found us! We were headed to lunch, when two little girls asked us if we gave away Bibles! We said, sure, when can we come and see yall? And they insisted that we come every day! lol! And now, every time we go there, we find another person to teach! Their mom, grandma, cousin, dad, brother, sister, neighbor and so on! And each and every time they surprise us with how willing they are to listen! WOW! What a miracle! I just love it! We are also kind of wondering if I will be leaving this transfer or not... since Ive been here so long, it could very well be a possibility... But who knows? Only the Lord! Also, hma santa cruz is here!!! shes staying with us today and tomorrow so her compi can go do her papers and she can go to the temple! I am so excited!!! Oh, I made no bake cookies the other day! SO yummy!!! we shared them with the bishop and his wife, and they really liked them. And were really surprized by how fast it is to make them! lol! They went over pretty well!!! Also, I am working on a package right now... and will hopefully be able to send it before the end of January! Anyway, I love you SOOOOO MUCH!!! And will be sure to keep every one in my prayers! I am glad yall had such a great new years... and wish you all the best!!!

hma alford

This is a story that Alecia sent to Brandon in his email this week:

Also, cool story! lol! Ya remember when you used to try and scare the tar out of me at home? Well, the elders here tried it out this new years, turns out they do a ´last joke of the year´ here... and they tried it out on us!!! We were headed to dinner, and they were waiting for us inside the gate with a camera to record our reaction... when I went to open the gate, they set off a bunch of fireworks right underneath me!!! lol!! My compi went screaming to the other side of the street... and i, becaus of so much practice with you, just opened the door with out a word, walked over the fire works, and told them, ´good job elders, good job´ LOL!!!! I have never seen such disbelief in a persons eyes!!! Oh man! You should have seen it! So funny! So, I thought Id share that with you, and thank you for trying so hard to scare me so many years! Because it really came in handy that day!!! Hahaha!

Anyway, love ya... work hard... be happy... and do what your big sis tells you!!! lol!

 Alecia and Hma G. her companion!

 Alecia likes parrots. LOL

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