Monday, January 20, 2014

January 20, 2014 Alecia's emails home

Hey Daddy!
Thank you so very much for sharing that with me. The truth is, that I have never really been one to believe in dreams much... At least not my own. I thought it was a bit weird. But here, its like the norm. I still thought it was pretty weird... until my companions helped me come to realize that sometimes it is just so real! Dad, you pretty much just described my life before I came out here on my mission... I ¨was struggling with guilt and shame, after all i should know better and what would anyone think if they knew¨ I had my share of temptations, my share of trials and stupidities to deal with before I could come to be a missionary. I was so scared of what people would think... Especially since every one was always telling me how great I was... That I allowed this problem to go on for along time before I felt the peace and love and pure JOY of repentance... Daddy, I just thought Id let you know... I had to pass through sin just like every other human being. But, as Alma says of his pain in comparison of his joy... it really is nothing! God is great and powerful and perfect... and he gives US... in our imperfection, the chance to follow Him! And to become a bit better each day! This is what I want the people here to see.. I want them to find the light... the joy... and the peace that the Lord has blessed me with. Thanks for sharing, its helped me remember... and a few ideas have popped into my head for certain investigadors... :)
Well, everything is going okay here... WAY TO FLIPPING FAST... But other than that, alls good! :) We have a baptism this week!!!! Her name is Tania, is a mother of two, She is SO ready! She feels the spirit so very strongly!!! And I feel like she may have been my person in this area... More than anything, we are working hard... and trying to strengthen our ward. Anyway... Its been hectic... and fabulous... and crazy! I am learning more in these past weeks with my kiddo than I have in all my mission I feel like!! I am growing, and I can feel it! lol! Its fabulous! Oh, and I am learning how to play soccer! lol! Anyway, I love you more!
Hma Alford

Wow... Okay... SO much to say... and so little time! This week has gone by so very fast!!! And so much has happened! No, there wasnt a baptism, its for this Saturday... the 25th of January! And we are praying so hard that it happens too!! I can not wait to see little Claire!!! The first of the many huh? The babies in this family come in crops lol! :) Anyway, Thank you for your testimony mom. I appreciate it so very much! This week... I have felt a little bit off... cuz I got a bit of a cold... But we worked hard anyway! And I felt the spirit so very strongly quite a few times. Once with a sister in our ward who is a sort of in and out hot and cold kind of sister... She has been getting a bit better about it... going to the church again and such... But she is terrified that if she keeps doing the right things, she will have more problems than ever... so, she decided to drop it all. Stop going to church, stop reading the scriptures, and everything! Even though she knows its all true, has a testimony, and knows that decision is so very wrong. We sort of chastised her a bit... asking her where she had built her faith.. Whether it was built in the sand... or rock. And she admitted, almost crying, that hers was built on sand. She accepted our offer to teach her the lessons all over again to her and her family... so that they can be rescued... and rebuild their faith. I felt so very happy in that moment. I have begun to believe that I was brought to this ward to strengthen it. To bring back the lost sheep. To rescue rather than baptise... Which I intend to do with all my heart... We, of course, work hard to have baptisms as well... But the more we work with less actives.. the more we find new people to teach... and it is quite a way to work in this great work of God! As for funny... I took out my mirror the other day! lol! I broke it with my hip like within the first weeks I was here... But they came to look at our house a week ago, and told me we had to get rid of what was left of my mirror, cuz its ´dangerous´... SO, I went at it with my hanger, my diary, and finally with a knife to break what was left... and cleaned up the remains afterward... My compi thought I had gone nuts!! Oh, and Hma Farmer has her other companion back, so we are no longer in trio... Which kind of stinks actually... Because we worked well together! Anyway, I love you so very much! And just love this gospel!!! Dont ever forget that God loves you so very much!
Hma Alford

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