Monday, January 13, 2014

Jan 13, 2014 Emails

Hey mom,
Got it! lol! Dont worry! I am still here in my area... which is hilarious. I will have spent half of my mission just in my area and the ccm by the end of this transfer. Just one thing... We are in trio! Long story. There used to be seven sisters in my zone. One trio in one area, another companionship that lived with them... and us.  We are now a trio with the only sister thats left. Her name is Hma Farmer, and she is from Utah. Its actually been pretty great. We have been working the two areas, and have been able to do a whole lot of work! lol! And she is going to stay with us until her companion comes back. anyway... thats whats been going on down here. This will most likely be my last transfer in this area... and then who knows where I might be headed?
I have also been working out every day. Each mornine weve been getting up to play soccer or basketball with the elders and our pensionistas family... I am learning how to play sports... finally... lol! I am just trying not to gain too much weight... but it is really hard! lol!
Anyway, I made a few videos for the blog.. but I dont know how to send them... So, maybe theyll never show up... lol! who knows? But I love you a whole ton... thanks for always being such a great support for me.
I love you a whole whole lot... but dont have much more time...
Love you,
Hma Alford

Hey Dad!
This week was crazy! We are in trio right now, with another GRINGA!!! Its so fun! A lot of people told us it would be hard to get work done, that trio is like a curse and its impossible to work... But we proved them wrong! And not only had the best numbers weve ever had... but have been working HARD, with members, and in two areas!!! I was so excited!  I am praying for you all too! I love you a million and one, and thanks for the compliments lol! Here are the answers to your  qs!

What was the coolest thing you saw around you?
       There was this really pretty storm the other day, that literally lit up the sky... I feel so much closer to the sky hear... sometimes I really believe I could just reach up and touch it! And that makes quite the affect when lightning strikes! The lightning FILLS the sky! SO PRETTY!

What was the most uplifting thing you heard?
      That would have to be what tania told me, when she said: I feel like God is calling me. Or what Hma Farmer said: The spirit only speaks once. He doesnt speak twice. Listen the first time.

What was the greatest thing you did?
       I have begun to plan more efficiently, using every single part of my planner... and the area book. I had never been taught how to use it before, and so I just left it alone, thinking it was better that way... But this week I have seen a real change in the way we work and the miracles you can see. The Holy Ghost doesnt speak twice. When he speaks, write it down!!! That would be what my new compi told me this week. I have now taught myself how to use the planning materials in a more efficient (and colorful, of course!!! :) way.... and am seeing the results!

What was you best miracle?
      Hermanita Tania is SO ready for her baptism this 25th of January! She felt the spirit so very strongly this Sunday, and told us she felt like God was calling her... She was really stressed out about the date, because she didnt feel ready... but now she is SO excited and wants to go ahead with her baptism! We are starting the planning now, have invitations, and an interview planned! woohoo!!! Pray for us please!
What was your biggest challenge? Hma G has been having a hard time... and something I have found is that when I cant do anything for someone... I feel like I am failing, especially with her since I am supposed to be training her, and helping her start her mission out great... She spoke with the President, and shes a bit better.... But it was really hard there for a bit.

Anyway, I love you so very much! And hope you have a fabulous week!
Hma Alford

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