Monday, July 7, 2014

July 7, 2014 Alecia's Email and pics

Last conference with president and sister dyer! 

hahaha! they got dressed up to say good bye! 

saying good bye to president and sister dyer
so, yall remember i said i ate guinea pig right??? Couldnt resist the pic!!!! hahaahahaha!!!!! ;)
(Ok, is it just me or is that poor Guinea Pig have a UhOh face!)

just a pretty pic i like!!! ;) my comp took it for me!
A.....!!! ;)
in a truffy!
4th of July in Bolivia!!!! ;)
Alecia's Email to me:
Hi mom! i am so very full of love and joy and gratitude at the moment.. i have been reading my journals lately... and i have seen such a change in these last few weeks! The Lord has truly sent me through a number of trials, or the refining fire as you might say! And now, i am incredibly thankful for it all! AND SO VERY READY TO SEE HIS HANDS IN THE LIVES OF OTHERS AS WELL!!! I have never felt so blessed in my life mom! when i think about it, i cant help but cry a bit from pure joy! ;) i cant wait to send you pics of her baptism! we are also going to go out  to eat with her today! ;) she really is and will be a great friend for the eternities! ;) anyway, this week has been crazy!!!! full of hard work, the fourth of july!!! ;) and all kinds of good stuff! i am really hoping to be able to get to the post office at some point today, and send a letter and some cds of music! i have started up a new project for all of you! i am so excited! ;) i have begun writing personal special letters to each and every one of you! bethany will be the first to get there, and then Krystal... i am so excited! these letters are ¨special¨because i am writing each one with special prayers for the person to whom i am writing, with all the inspiration of a loving sister, daughter, and missionary!!! And, they are going to be rather incredible if i do say so myself!!! ;) anyway, thats the news down here! We also found an incredible new family to teach!!! ;) we are calling them the miracle family!!! lol! (family g.) and they are truly prepared for the gospel!!! Their son has just left on the mission in columbia! and they want to get to know the church that meant so much to their son that he would leave everything behind for!!! PRAY FOR THEM PRETTY PLEASE!!!! M..... is slowing down in his progress, i am just praying that i will be able to accept what comes, whether he is baptised or not... anyway, thats whats up down here! ;) working hard, with ups and downs, but mostly ups right about now!!!! so happy mom! i just dont know how to contain it!!! sounds like all is well up there as well! keep being awesome mom! God is changing lives through you! i love you bunches and bunches!
hma alford
oh, as for the new president! hes great! hope to send a pic soon!

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