Monday, July 21, 2014

July 21, 2014 Emails and pictures!!!! She is having a great time!

Rolando was baptised and confirmed this week end!!! ;) so happy!!!
headed up to tunari! ( the mountain )
the mountains from a distance!

walking in the snow... this was an unplanned shot.. but i kind of like it!
This was such a fun pday!!! so much craziness! haha!!!

Me at tunari, sitting in the snow!!

snow and water!
My compa and i at the mountain!!!
Look at all that snow!!! ;) way cool!

hey mom!
i have to tell you.. i have never had a better week in all my life... we have worked SO HARD!!! And i have been blessed to see the fruits of that work! We had 6 investigators at church today... all four of my converts, and all the rescews i have had in this area as well as a few less actives we are working with right now... all in all, there were over twenty people at church this sunday... all whom i have taught or worked with. I felt so much love, and so blessed for having had this call here in the floresta area... i almost cried! rolando was baptised (sent a pic by the way) and confirmed... we went up the mountain today! and i made it to 13 months in the mission! i am just feeling great! anyway, we will soon be going to the temple with rolando and ariana! and i am so very happy for that fact!!!! woohooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;) how could a person be more happy??? i think more happiness would break a person! haha! anyway, i am glad you are all doing well! we also had a lesson on baptism in relief society this sunday! and ariana sitting next to us all happy! hma roxana presented us to her nephew and his girlfriend... and they want to be baptised!!! we havent placed a date yet... but they both came to church for the first time this sunday! and the whole l.... family was so content!!! ;) anyway, i am really thrilled right now.. my health is fine... and life is good! ;) finished 1nephi again!!! wanted to share something with you and dad...  in chapter 11 of 1 nephi... the spirit of God teaches nephi!! He showes us the perfect and divine way to teach! i thought it was pretty fabulous!!! in verse 2 it says: And the Spirit said unto me: Behold, what desirest thou? In preach my gospel... it teaches us that we must always teach with questions.. and here, the holy ghost does the same! i am sure that he must have been one of the main authors of preach my gospel, because he truly is a perfect teacher! and in vs 10 he makes the same question yet again: 10 And he said unto me: What desirest thou? it is highly important this particular question! with children, investigators, husband, wife, students and the like... we must know what it is they wish for... to be able to relate to them and serve them! Often times, as teachers, we become so focused on ourselves.. that we never even ask a question.. we just go on and on and on in our own mind track... and often never make a difference.. we must teach with the spirit! and to teach with the spirit, we must teach AS the spirit! great way to learn how.. reading this chapter! love you mom! with all my heart!
hma alford

Story to Jared:Oh, love your story! got one for you too! Today, i went to a mountain named tunari... which was all covered in snow! and i was trying to walk down a hill full of snow today, when all of a sudden i was no longer walking! i was sledding!!! Hahahaha!!! My hiny got all wet too! and my companion died laughing!!! ;) fun moment i just thought i would share         

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