Monday, July 14, 2014

July 14, 2014 Alecia's emails and pics

in a trufi!
the jello desert again! yum!!
yum!!!! that was one fabulous desert!!! ;)

ARIANA!!! ;)
the whole ward supported her!!!
I HAVE NEVER SEEN A BAPTISM SO FULL OF PEOPLE TO SHOW SUPPORT AS I DID THIS SATURDAY!arianas family couldnt come... and so a million people showed up! this is only the half of it in this pic!!! the room was so full, that people had to be standing up in the back, because there was no more room to put the chairs!!!! This, was a true miracle. the lord answered our prayers, that the room would be full of people to support her in this moment... in her testimony ariana said, ´i know that this church is true, i know my family may not be here... but here in this room full of new faces and kind people, i have found a new family... a family who will support me in all times!´ she needed them... more than the members will ever know..  I WILL EVER BE GRATEFUL... AND I WILL NEVER FORGET THAT MOMENT, AS I LOOKED AROUND ME, TO FIND THE ROOM BURSTING WITH PEOPLE!

trying to get to the waterfall in pairumani!

Another pic of pairumani!
roasting at pairumani!
arent they just too cute???


the view from our house! 

Hey mom!!! i am so thrilled right now! we have another baptism coming up! his name is ro...... and just came out of nowhere! we have only taught him twice... but he already received all the lessons with other missionaries in april... actually had a baptism date and everything, but didnt go through with it.. then all of a sudden he calls the elders in our ward and says he wants to be baptised this saturday!!! WOW!!! Anyway, i am so very tired right now.. we have been literally running from one side of the world to the other all week.. we plan on doing absolutely nothing today.. we are going to print some pics, eat lunch and nap! ;) and then we have a Family home evening night with ariana and two families!! so excited! anyway, thats what we are up to lately! mom, i know that the lord is pleased with your service... he knew it would stretch you, but that you had much to give in this time... do your best, and leave the lord the rest... yep, elder rennie wrote me! he sure does love you guys! and who wouldnt? lol! the girls room looks GREAT! I LOVE IT!! ;) Sounds to me like you are all doing great! the garden, the room, and so on! not perfect obviously, but i am happy to know you are all doing well! As for the guinea pig, of course he is worried.. i could very likely eat the poor thing! lol! anyway, i love you mom... i am so very happy right now i could just sing!! and i do on a regular basis by the way!!! lol! as for the practical stuff.. i have to admit i was a bit sad to hear about my scholarships...but i am not worried.. sometimes the lord opens a door.. and sometimes he closes it.. but it is all for our good.. i will pray about it and hope to be able to accept whatever comes. sounds like a pretty awesome offer actually, with russel... but we will figure it out... love you mom!
keep up the faith!
hma alford

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