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July 28, 2014 Emails and pics and poetry

 Jumping out of bed today!!! ;) 

Me and my kid! ;)  
 Another pic with my comp!

all us four in the house! ;)

Unforgettable moments in Bolivia:
In poem

1. The widows mite in action-
by: hermana alford
Have you ever got to thinking,
of the life that others are living?
Have you ever stopped to watch
as all others laugh and talk...
Have you ever listened to the beggers´ singing,
the song of sorrow it is ringing...
My eyes did sting, and my heart did break
as of her sorrow i did partake.
the feeble legs of one so sweet
the worn out hands, the broken feet
Her small dear voice calling out
and asking, begging as others shout.
The cry was lost, fallen on deaf ears...
and in her eyes i saw her fears
as one by one the all passed by...
Avoiding the look... not wanting to catch her eye.
Yet oh how sweet, and oh how nice
a little boy with not but 10 cents and a smile
walked up close, all shy and kind
and from the crowd of uninterested what do we find?
A man-sized courage, a true dear heart
Ready to share, to compart
no greater man yet have i seen
no closer to the widows mite have been
as that little 5 year old boy
 who found that true gift, to give another true joy.
And oh how i teared up,
the moment to sweet to give up!
What greatness to be learned!
What blessing to be earned!
Let us be as that little guy!
And never let such moments pass us by!
May we be as that little tike,
and give always the widows mite!

2, The love of my brother
by hermana alford
the great love, the love of a child
the care of a brother for his brother
passing flowers beneath the gate..
tears being shed by the little one,
and the elder trying to console
As his own eyes water and tears roll down
oh dear child, locked out of his home
alone on the street, for an innocent
act of his baby brother
no more than 5 years old them both..
they taught a dear lesson to me..
a lesson of real love...
the love of my savior..
my older brother, who suffered for my acts
and even as his tears fell...
he does his best to console me and mine.

3. Come to Serve
 By ME! ;)
I heard her story, her trials and sufferings
i came to serve her... yet what can i do?
What words of wisdom have ig,
to soothe the hurts of years gone by?
my life is not like hers... My trials not the same...
her eyes are shining, tears close to fall.
and this is when the spirit rises in my soul.
This is my call, to make others whole.
Can´t do it on my own.. but pray
I pray to God to give me His words
to soothe her heart, comfort her tears
God is Great, Greater than my fears
and so i hear her story,
and he takes away her sufferings
 this is my mission...
I Came to Serve.

My fave scripture is and always will be Moroni 1:3
I remember till now when you shared that scripture with me. It was when Popo passed away. You told me that that scripture had always been his favorite as he could put his name in it
,And I, Moroni (alecia) , will not deny the Christ; wherefore, I wanderwhithersoever I can for the safety of mine own life.
This became my life long mantra... i alecia jean alford... will not deny the christ! no matter what the circumstance may be. Thus, i must always share my testimony! Because if i dont, it would be the same as denying him to hold my tongue... this is what made me always want to get up in testimony meetings, this is what made me come on my mission.. this is what makes me get up every morning now!

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