Monday, May 12, 2014

May 12, 2014 email and pics

 caught stealing a taste before we prayed! it just looked SO yummy! And it was! lol!

  making antiquchu! or, in other words, COW HEART!!! YUM! ;)

All the oranges i grabbed! in one day!!! ;) lol!
home made orange juice! the VERY BEST THING ON THE PLANET!

Pakai... a strange fruit that grows down here... it has a hard, almost wooden covering, with a cottony sweet inside! Cools you down INSTANTLY in the hot bolivian sun! love it! First time i tried it.. not so much.. but now, i am quite the fan! ;)


Hey mom! i will be sure and pray for kady and her tests! ;) i am glad you had a great mothers day! I sure was happy to hear from you all! AND THAT SKYPE WORKED! I was SO nervous about that! anyway, did you ever get your pics? ;) why do you need a knee brace? are you okay? now i want lindor truffles!!! SO yummy! i loved dads face when i described sopa de mani (peanut soup) to yall! should have taken a pic! haha! im sending pics right now of cow heart! lol! What can i say? the food is wierd here... but you get used to it.. the only big issue is that i like meat even LESS than i did at home... so, thats kind of hard to deal with when every single plate is FULL of meat.. and sometimes three different kinds! lol! anyway, i am really loving it here mom! i have grown to love so many people so very much! my pensionista is so fabulous! we officially rescewed her yesterday! and this 30th shes going to get married to maivert, and then hes going to be baptised!!! we are working so hard with this incredible family! and i am so scared of having to leave them behind! transfers are this sunday.. and i dont want things to change yet!!! ;( but, i know that all the transfers are the Lords will, and that there is a purpose behind each and every one! anyway, i love you lots and lots and lots!!! and cant wait to see the lamp shade! as for the doctor.. i am really feeling a whole lot better... and cant go to the dr without permission from sister dyer.. just praying that i have actually healed, taking vitamins like crazy, drinking lots of water, (hma dyer sayse it could be because i am just constipated.. we eat a TON of rice and bread and noodles down here you know!;) so yeah.. i am feeling lots better! tell jessie i love her from the moon and back! and not to worry about it! she can write me a letter twice as long for next monday! haha! love you mom!
hma alford

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