Monday, May 5, 2014

April 5, 2014 Alecia's emails and pics! Prayers Please

 taking fun pictures last pday! :)

more bday pics! ;) 
 service this thursday! ;) all the wards and stakes in cochabamba were there!
Just wanted to send you all a ¨hello¨from Bolivia! have a fabulous week! ;)
hermana alford
 more fun pics!

Hey mom! so, this week has been really a bit hard.. we have been working hard.. but my comp is sick. shes got typhoid fever. explained a bit more to dad... but please pray for us both! GOOD NEWS!!! Hermana R is planning to be married to her boyfriend!!! They have been living together for a few years.. and as we were teaching M...... (her bf)... he wanted to be baptised! And as you cant be baptised with out living the law of chastity.. we werent sure how to go about telling him that he would have to move out or get married! anyway, we talked to hma roxana... and she was so sad. she didnt want to marry him.. not sure why.. but wanted him to get baptised first... and then see about a future. However, she decided we should tell him. But every time we were about to teach the law of chastity, we felt deeply impressed NOT to! well.. hma roxana got tired of waiting! lol! and the night l... was baptised, they got to talking about baptism... heres the translated conversation she shared with us: ¨so, what do you think? are you going to get baptised?¨  ¨eh, ill think about it...¨ ¨WHAT?¨ ¨HAHA! Of course i am!¨ ¨the thing is, the sisters told me you have to move out, or get married before you can be baptised.¨ ¨we get married then silly.¨   One of the most beautiful things i have ever heard!!! anyway, they are going to figure out all the papers today... and they have a date set for the 26 of may!!! and then the 27 he will be baptised!!! PRAYERS ARE DEFINITELY APPRECIATED! ;)
Anyway, i am sending another package of letters today! got one for lauren in there! and quite a few more! i am hoping that everyone in the family can get at least one letter from me in the course of my mission.. ;) anyway, i am so very glad to see the new little guy! ;) tell lauren congrats for me okay? lol! love you mom!
oh! cool scripture: mosiah 5:15!
love you mom!
hma alford

Hey Dad! ;)  This week has been a little hard. My companion has typhoid fever... it is a life long sickness... and contagious at that... im not quite sure what we are going to do about it either... because the only way to get over it, or at least ¨put it to sleep¨ as we have been told... is to avoid badly prepared foods. It is passed through not washing your hands. You go to the bathroom, dont wash your hands with soap... prepare food.. and youve possibly just infected someone! There have been quite a few sisters who have been infected in this area... so please pray for my companion, and me as well. I am terrified of catching it too... and my stomach has been hurting a bit lately. I was bleeding from my colon again this past monday-tuesday... hermana dyer told me to be careful of what i eat, and drink a lot more fluids for a week.. and then call her with an update... to see if i should go to the dr. or not... im not bleeding anymore, but sometimes my stomach hurts still.. anyway, pray for us really hard please? its not exactly possible to control what you eat as a missionary in Bolivia... but hey, prayers help! ;)

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