Thursday, April 24, 2014

April 14 Emails and Pics

  This is my pensionista , hermana roxana.. .  and  a typical plate of bolivia. This plate happens to be liver.... With rice and a salad...  Almost all bolivian food looks somewhat like this. rice or noodles on the bottom , meat,  potatoes, and a small   salad. Thought yall might like to see liver though! lol!  I  am so lucky with my  pensionista! She is so great! She has us try  all kinds of stuff... but if we dont like it, its okay with her!!! INCREDIBLE!  Anyway, we have tried all kinds of things... but she listens to what we say, and loves to try and help us love the  food! LOVE HER!

we also went to the hospital this saturday! they have a kids day here! lol! and we brought all kinds of cute gifts to the kids there! fun!!!!

Family and Friend letter

Okay, so sorry ahead of time f or the random spaces, i am fighting with a really ridiculous key board right now! lol! Anyway , wanted to share a story with you all . We went to eat at a members house  a few weeks ago..  and find out that the mom of this beautiful young family is a member, without ever having been baptized!!! she goes to church , takes part in all the activities, gives lunch t  o the missionaries, and really appears to b e a member!!! but has never been baptized! so , we set an appointment  for a family  home evening night. And  what a blast! We also found out why she hasn't been baptized up till no w.. . tithing an d callings.. . she  just doesn't like the idea. . . even though she understands the why and all that..  so ,  i shared my testimony of the tithe. and i  have never been so grateful for what my parents have taught me  on that particular point in all my life. i  shared the story  of that amazing tithing blessing Christmas.. .  and many more incredible moments i ha e experienced as a result of the decisions my parents alwa s made.  My  tears over flowed, and i  saw the  special change in her eyes that we as missionaries always look for .  the look of  a touched soul.  God prepares us   through experiences and  special angels in our lives to touch  the souls of  others. M y parents are goodly parents, i testify of that fact  and  the love i have for them.  I know i could not be the person i am with out then and their influence in my  life.   Mom, i love you m re than you know, and you are m y model of life and way of being. Dad, you are my hero.  do not ever forget how much  i honor and love you as well. thank you for all you teach me!    

Letter to Momma
WOW! YOU SHOULD TOTALLY  HAVE SENT ME THAT ICECREAM!!!1 LOL! (Story to go with this comment: I took the kids to Chick Fil A and bought them all dinner. Then I wanted to get them an ice cream cone. Brandon had already had a shake so I wasn't going to get him one. I thought 7 kids minus 1 equals 6 plus 1 for me equals 7 and I handed out all the ice creams and still had one left. I couln't believe it when I realized that I had bought Alecia an ice cream cone! ) That is so funny! lol!   :)  thanks  so much for all the prayers and fasting ! i have really been feeling the affects down here.     And your study as well! thank you! i had never thought about it that way! lol! I will be   Okay,  so my key board is ridiculous!!1 i am so very sorry for all  this craziness! i l ove you so much you kn o w that right? love your pic!  thanks for sending it!  sounds to me li k e y ou made m emories wi th jessie this week! she was so ver y impressed, and  i know she is going to take that moment with her for the rest of her life. . . jsut like so many i have  with me now! this week has been so very full of craziness!   we have celebrated hma ninataypes bday, done a ton of service,  hma guttierrez is off to sucre ,        and hma ninataype s is  training  in the same house with  us!  so fun! anyway , ate liver again, and we have been working really hard with mayber, louis, adn  ernesto, as well as ernestos sister yudith! hopefully, we will have a baptism this week! oh, this tuesday  is temple day!!! AWESOME!!!  hope to be able to get a few necessary items... lol!  and im gonna be sending pics! dont you worry! lol1 i lo ve you to ns  m om!!! hope you know that!
lo ve
hma alford

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