Monday, February 25, 2013

More Progress

Alecia received her pass port and police letter in the mail last week.  So now we have all the pieces to send to the church Travel Department. I mailed them off today. I also mailed her acceptance letter to the first presidency of the Church. (our Prophet and his counselors)!

Before I mailed everything I called the Travel Department to make sure that I had understood a few things. While I had them on the phone I asked if someone was going to call me when Alecia got to the Peru MTC. I was told that there were to many coming in for that. So then I asked if they frowned upon worried Momma's calling to make sure they reached their destination. Again it's not a good idea because they have too many coming in. A good problem to have but not very comforting for this worried Momma. Basically, if she doesn't show up they will call my stake president who will call me. Soooo, no news is good news.  However, my amazing mother said many parents send their children with a cell phone and a self addressed stamped envelope. She can talk to me in Atlanta and in Peru until  she goes into the MTC!!!! Yay! My Momma is a genius! So my mind feels a little less stressed.

I know that Alecia will be protected while on her mission. it is hard for the spirit to overcome our natural tendencies. So I am very blessed to have a way of knowing she arrived safely. I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful daughter. I love her very much!

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