Monday, June 16, 2014

Aleica's email and pics for June 16, 2014

So sorry that it has been a while since I posted. I have been super busy!

my two kiddos!(The sisters that she has trained)

all the family! THE FAMILY!!!
me (the grandma:) hma gutierrez, my daughter. hma alarcon as well.. and hma chambi (the one with short straight hair) is my granddaughter in the mission!!! I AM OLD IN THE MISSION!!!!!!!!!!! LOL! THREE GENERATIONS! ;)

okay, so this has some wierd name in quechawa that i honestly dont remember too well... but is really cool because they cook it below the ground! awesome! looks gross, but tastes divine! never ate chicken so moist and flavorful!!!!
 yogurt in bolivia comes in bags!!!! how crazy!!! haha! just thought id share!

Ariana is truly a miracle! she came to church this Sunday for the very first time... and she loved it! we taught her the Restoration... and she accepted a baptismal date! the 12th of July she will be baptized in the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints! pray for her and for us as well!!! PRETTY PLEASE!

 A typical bolivian instrument! learning to be more musical! well, at least trying!!! haha!

 haha! louisiana!!!! ;)


what do i love about Bolivia?
1. i absolutely love the mountains that encircle me at all times! i wake up to that view ever single day!
2. the Cochabamba temple is beautiful! and only a half hour away!
3. the sky really does feel closer! i sometimes think that if i just jump a little bit higher, i could probably touch it!
4. the flowers here look like something out of a dream!
5. sopa de mani (peanut soup) is actually quite fabulous!
6. i have a whole ton of funny stories and memories to share with everyone!
7. the art and culture are beautiful!
8. i have to admit, i love how cheap everything is!
9. Spanish is beautiful!
10. if you stay in the shade, the weather is perfect all year round!
and last but not least: IT IS MY MISSION!!!!

¨I STILL...¨
1. I STILL love to write poems.
2. I STILL want to do the Lords will.
3. I STILL love the council of my parents.
4. I STILL sing in the shower, and washing the dishes, and sweeping the floor, and so on!
5. I STILL detest chipped finger nail polish!
6. My sweet tooth has not yet disappeared!
7. I STILL love the little things. i find ¨smiley faces¨ in the ground and pictures in the clouds, and make a big deal out of the little things!
8. I STILL try to be perfect always.
9. My favorite book is still pride and prejudice.
10. My fave scripture is still moroni 1:3
11. I STILL have not chosen an official favorite color... because it changes five minutes later!
12. I STILL perk up when i see a pair of high heels!
13. I STILL love my family with all my heart, and do all i do for them...
14. I STILL have curly hair and dont like to make my bed..
the only difference is that now i carry Christs name visibly over my heart, and have been called to serve him. I know that he lives! I know that he loves us! and that makes all the difference to me!

Another poem...Just playing a bitS!
Hma alford
I wake up in the morning to a beep-beep-beeping sound...
and know its time to get my knees on the ground.
i cross my arms and close my eyes and talk to the big guy, no messin´ around.
study time comes next, look what i found!
a brand new scripture to share around town!
This is my life, not that of a clown...
but that of a missionary, living it now...
this, i chose... this life, i love...
and i will live it without a frown.
so all the world, all my brothers, all my sisters, can win the crown!
the water of life, knocking your door,
why wait? drink it now!

hey mom! i am so excited!!!! ariana is going to be baptized! i can just feel it! yesterday we got the transfers! i am staying! this transfer will be 2 months long!!! i am going to be here at least till the 10th of august! i am so excited! i can just feel that there are going to be many fruits picked in this area! the 28th we have  a baptism planned! Jesus, luis´s cousin! at 6:00 in the afternoon! woohoo! this sunday was about the most incredible moment ever! the ENTIRE leba family was there at church! all sitting there as a family! it was the first time i saw hma rosalia in church!!!! I knew from the moment i got here mom, that this family was waiting for me... and i made a promise to myself and to my God that i would do all in my power to see the entire family active in the church before i leave... and it is going to happen mom! they are finding friends, they are even participating in their classes, we find hma r...... buried deep into her scriptures on a regular basis! she loves to read her book of mormon! and she has become the force of good in her family! i just love it so much here mom! i am so happy! my companion is incredible, and almost teaches me more than i do her!!! lol! anyway, thats where we are at right now! progressing and happy!!!
as far as health... i havent been too well these past few days... we went to the dr and they told me i probably have a urinary tract infection... but the analysis hasnt finished yet so we arent too sure. i am stuck with a really awful cold too... but i am doing okay. ;) as okay as you can be when you are sick at least! haha! anyway, tomorrow they are going to tell me what it is i have... So, i totally understand how ya feel mom! hope you get better!
the peach is actually really good! lol! you just have to get over the fact that it looks like a putrified heart... and its rather tasty! lol! As for the orange, there are a TON of different ways to eat oranges here! ill be teaching you guys all about it! the best part about it, you dont have to peal it!!!! woohoo!
anyway, i love you mom!
keep being awesome!
hma alford

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